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Stump Grinding vs. Excavation

Stump Grinding costs less and leaves a considerably smaller area to clean up and landscape than Stump Excavation. Stump Grinding is a mechanical process of removing the visible portion of a tree that remains after a tree has been cut down. A spinning wheel loaded with carbide cutters moves from side to side like an oscillation fan over the stump, removing the stump inch by inch. Most jobs impact up to 6 inches below grade. ANDSTAR can go deeper but it drives the cost up and 6 inches deep is usually sufficient. ANDSTAR's goal is to keep the cost of stump grinding as low as possible for the customer.

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Do it yourself information

You can rent small hand operated walk behinds or small self-propelled Stump Grinding machines. If you rent a walk behind, you need to be physically fit. It is hard to go deeper than 4 inches below ground level with the hand operated walk behind grinder. Walk behind grinders work best for very small and rotting stumps. The rental machines usually cost between $120 and $250 per day. You will also have to pay for delivery charges, fuel, and insurance for any cutters you may break. Rental machines typically lack power. Anything under 27 hp lacks the power needed to accomplish even the most basic Stump Grinding job. In addition, as mentioned before, in order to run a small walk behind you need to be half Gorilla.

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How much does it cost?

A lot of Stump Grinders estimate by the inch. The measure is taken over the stump, one side to the other, to where the tree roots enter the ground. The largest dimension is used. ANDSTAR doesn't estimate by the inch because there are too many other variables that affect cost. One of the variables is the size of the stump. A 4 foot stump has over 4 times the volume of wood to grind as a 2 foot stump. There are many other variables and they all affect cost. ANDSTAR estimates by the time needed to grind the stump. An on site free estimate is your best choice.